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You discovered bandoneón and felt in love with it.

I understand you, because the same happened to me. For this reason in 2017 I decided to move to Buenos Aires, with the purpose of deepening my knowledge of this magical instrument at Manuel de Falla Conservatory.

Probably you already know how difficult it is to find a good bandoneón teacher outside Argentina, and this explains partially my transfer's reasons.

But the 1st point was that I needed a complete music training on the bandoneón and I wanted to deepen its techniques and its musical language.

I'm learning all this thanks to an incredible training, created by Maestro Rodolfo Daluisio and the other pedagogues before him (among them, Catulo Castillo and Pedro Maffia).

I decided to share this method through online bandoneon lessons as I am learning it.

Method and technique

The bandoneón technique I learnt (and teach you) was developed by Pedro Maffia and further perfectionated by R. Daluisio.

This technique solves most of the problems of the instrument due to bellows opening or closing, and allows playing any repertoire.

Once the method and the technique are learnt you can easily adapt them to the style and genre you prefer.

About the lessons

The lessons are online, with the platform that best suits you (Skype, Zoom, Google Meet).

Each lesson takes 50 minutes and it costs $ 45,90 (US dollars).

Each lesson is personal and tailor made.

What are you going to learn in the course?

  1. Pull and sound line: construction of the columna de aire (air column), the mainstay where to build any musical expression with bandoneón.
  2. Choral: application of pull and sound line to a "choral-like" score.
  3. Repertory: Study of scores, choosing tango or "classic".
  4. Non Legato: the bandoneón most peculiar articulation, a middle between legato and staccato used in several styles and contexts.
  5. Doble Apoyo: the technique that permits to "free the instrument in the air" and to develop sound line at its maximum expression potential.
  6. Variations on the sound line: you will learn how to apply accents, sound effects and dynamics to the "sound line".
  7. And much more according to your specific needs.

You can start anytime. Your first lesson doesn't force you to have a second one. If you feel comfortable with the teching method, we'll schedule your next lesson.

Lessons with me: WHY

  1. I study in the bandoneón capital: Buenos Aires;
  2. I speak English, Spanish and Italian;
  3. I can share a lot of didactic and musical material with you;
  4. I love teaching, especially music and bandoneón;
  5. I have an academic training on this instrument;
  6. If you play a bandoneón different from 142 there is no problem: these lessons are for any keyboard layout: 142, 144, chromatic, StandardBandonion, Kusserow etc.
  7. You can have your lesson from your home, without moving;
  8. Great flexibility scheduling your lessons;
  9. You decide the frequency of the lessons.


This video was made by a student of mine after about 3 months of lessons: he didn't have experience on the bandoneón before starting the lessons.

Igor Sayenko speaks about his experience of bandoneon online lessons with Omar Caccia.

"I am sure he has a gift to teach other people".

I've started playing bandoneon only four months ago. Well, it's more correct to say “I've started learning to play bandoneon”!

Being a professional accordion (bayan) player, I knew how to push and pull bellows and to press buttons. But when I have tried bandoneon with my hands for the very first time, I realized that it was just another philosophy itself.

So, I started reading everything about this absolutely unknown for my country (Ukraine) instrument. That's how I got to Omar Caccia's blog about bandoneons.

After few weeks we had our first lesson. I was happy to get such a great chance! I can have lessons from my home online here, in Ukraine from a guy, who speaks English (not only Italian and Spanish) from the very heart of Argentina, Buenos-Ayres itself!

The lesson with Omar always starts sharp at scheduled time and usually it's difficult to stop after 1 hour if we speak about bandoneon or bandoneon players!

I am sure he has a gift to teach other people. He knows how to explain and (the most important!) he knows what movements are right to achieve a great sound! So, the most exciting moments at our lessons are those times when Omar asks me to change slightly a position of wrist, or arm or knee etc., and the sound incredibly improves the same second!

As more I feel like that, as more I trust him and follow his recommendations. Besides that, our lessons are always a perfect proportion of technique and music itself. He never pushes with any style or specific type of music. He tries to understand my music taste and suggests then something what I would certainly like!

Highly recommend Omar Caccia as your bandoneon teacher!!! The only thing I regret is that I cannot have so many lessons with him as I would like to...

Igor Sayenko
Professional Accordion Player
Kiev, Ukraine

About me

Bandoneon player Omar Caccia gives bandoneon lessons online.

I'm Omar Caccia, I was born in 1984 in Como, Northern Italy.

My first contact with bandoneón was in 2013, accidentally, and since then I have literally become obsessed with it.

In 2017 I left Italy and moved to Buenos Aires to deepen the bandoneón at Conservatory.

The bandoneón made the miracle of "forcing" me to study musical language through formal training.

I think that the bandoneón is a young instrument with a brilliant future.

It can be said that this instrument has a second life now, and the growing trend of people interested in it confirms this.

At the moment my personal music research with bandoneón is oriented into organistic repertory transcriptions for bandoneon, as well as technical and expressive studies through Conservatory academic training.


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